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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the software work simultaneously with several users in different places?
    Yes, the BMS software has proven abilities of serving clients from one user to more than thousand users working simultaneously in the different locations worldwide.

  2. Does the BMS software can manage other type of equipment (not only vehicles)?
    Yes, the BMS software can manage other types of equipment (i.e. not only vehicles), such as harvester combines, refrigerators for trucks, industrial equipment, tracking devices, boats, etc.

  3. Does the BMS system can interface with external systems, such accounting system?
    For information, the BMS system has interfaces with many external systems, and it will be possible to integrate with your accounting and CRM systems. In general, BMS can build an interface with any software that has data import capabilities, as long they have can import and export data tool.
    The BMS system has working integration with several accounting systems, e.g. QuickBooks, JDE, Sage, Dynamics, Priority, etc.

  4. I would like to know if the software is too advanced for small number of cars?
    The answer to your question is NO, the software can be used also in company with 15 vehicles.
    For your information, except of large rental companies with thousands of vehicles, BMS works also with small rental companies with 10 to 300 vehicles.
    The BMS-Rental software is modular software, means each BMS client can use only the modules ("screens") and functions that they need.
  5. Does it work perfect with any country in the world?
    BMS software products have multilingual user interface and supports any language and country localization.
    For information, BMS have clients in many countries such as Spain, Germany, Austria, France, USA, Nederland etc.
    In addition, specific country regulations, such tax rules can be configured dynamically within the system.

  6. Can BMS software solutions be customize to our clients?
    Yes, BMS software products can be customized and tailored to our client’s needs and requirements.
    For information, BMS has a development team that develops and customizes the software on a daily basis for the BMS clients.

  7. Is the software available in other languages?
    In general, the BMS system can be customize almost to any language via the system vocabulary (by translation of keywords).
    In addition, there are reports such as Rental and Leasing Agreements can be printed in several languages according to the customer language and each user can select different user interface language.

  8. Why does it is important to invest in a good software?
    It is important to remember that the software is the second important thing in the business after the human resources. While, the software will serve your business for many years. Today, the success of modern business and especially in the travel and fleet industry can be determined by the software abilities and quality.