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BMS Vehicle Rental Software

BMS Rental is the leading ‘All in One’ system for rental companies

BMS Rental is the most comprehensive and advanced vehicle rental system.

BMS has advanced and friendly user interface designed for speed and efficiency.

BMS management tools are designed to increase profitability and reduce expenses.

BMS Rental system is Sophisticated, feature-rich, yet extremely easy to use.

BMS Rental Software

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The BMS Rental Software Main Modules:                       

♦  Vehicle Reservations Management ♦ Agents and Vouchers Management
♦  Rental Agreements Management     ♦ Handling Customers Complaints
♦  Sophisticated Pricing module ♦ Combined Rental and Leasing System
♦  Customer Relationship Management ♦ Hundreds of Reports and Queries
♦  Fleet management ♦ Analysis and Management Tools
♦  Purchase Orders and Invoices ♦ Debit/Credit Notes
♦  Accidents and Damages System ♦  Web Booking
♦  Handles Traffic Tickets ♦ Invoices and Payments
♦  Fuel Control System ♦ And much more..


BMS Rental Features:  

  •  Manages all the life cycle of the rental from the sales lead, quotation, reservation, agreement, invoice, etc.
  • Modular software that can serve anyone from a small local company with one user to an international corporation with hundreds of simultaneous users.
  • Provides real-time data overview, which supports quick decisions making and reaction to dynamic situations.
  • Multilingual user interface – Supports any language and country localization.
  • A true yield management system providing tools to increase profitability.
  • Improvement and optimization of the current work processes.
  • Handles multiple companies and franchisees on the same database, and enables one company to manage several licensees.
  • Records and tracks every vehicle activity transaction in one place, shared among all the BMS modules.
  • The BMS Rental software is very dynamic and flexible and can be customized to customer needs.
  • Multiple currency calculations – Unlimited, simultaneous use of any number of currencies.
  • Combined Rental and Leasing System.  

Advanced Pricing module:

  • Easy and fast rates setup
  • Extremely flexible and dynamic rates definition
  • Defining rates for a specific time, country, vehicle class etc.
  • Comprehensive insurance options
  • Unlimited charging options
  • Special rates for agents
  • And much more…

Many profitability tools in the pricing system. For example:

  • High Season
  • Upsell
  • Underage Drivers
  • Offsell (tariff blackout)

Improved Fleet Management:

  • Track and record every vehicle activity
  • Blocking specific vehicles for a defined time (even hours)
  • Reducing vehicle exchange (preventing rental before buyback, maintenance, etc.)
  • Automatic fleet upload
  • Sophisticated utilization and fleet availability queries and reports

Downloads / Brochure:

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