BMS Software | BMS Software Advantages for Vehicle rental & leasing companies BMS Software | BMS Software Advantages for Vehicle rental & leasing companies

BMS Advantages

Advantages of BMS System Solutions


  • BMS system solutions are sophisticated, feature-rich, yet extremely easy to use
  • “All in One” system that provides real-time data overview
  • Yield management tools for increasing your profitability
  • Supports quick decisions making and reaction to dynamic situations
  • Friendly user interface designed for speed and efficiency
  • Multilingual user interface – Supports any language and country localization
  • Modular software that can serve anyone from a small company to an international corporation with hundreds of simultaneous users
  • BMS system suitable also for vehicle workshops and car dealers
  • The software is extremely dynamic, flexible and can be easily customized to customer needs
  • BMS leasing software (LeaseWare) is very comprehensive and advanced vehicle leasing system in the market
  • Tracks and records every vehicle activity transaction in one place, shared among all the BMS modules
  • BMS have a multiple currency calculations – Unlimited, simultaneous use of any number of currencies
  • BMS Rental and Leasing software has advanced pricing system
  • Integrated CRM
  • Automatics tasks and alerts
  • Manage every aspect of the vehicle's life-cycle including fleet analysis, planning tools and reports
  • Functionalities that enables quality and efficient service for customers
  • Management Tools – Designed to increase revenue and profitability and reduce expenses

The Uniqueness of BMS

  • BMS specializes in software solutions for vehicle management, especially for the rental and leasing businesses. Therefore BMS’ systems are intended purely for the automotive market and is not an ERP / CRM / Accounting / etc. software that had been converted into a automotive software solution.
  • All the BMS applications: the Leasing, Car Rental, Fleet Management and Outbound systems are running on a shared database. Hence, all the customers, vehicles, suppliers, reports and any other information is shared among all the BMS applications.
  • BMS can handle several companies and licensees on the same database, and enables on company to manage several licensees.
  • BMS LeaseWare leasing solution is the most comprehensive and advanced vehicle leasing system in the market


Those and other features make the BMS the
leading system for the vehicles management market


More than System Solutions – BMS Company Advantages

  • BMS provides a full range of professional services tailored to meet our clients' needs and requirements
  • BMS always improves and develops its products on a regular basis to serve the changing needs of its clients and the industry advancements.
  • BMS team top priority is ensuring customer satisfaction with on both the products and the service
  • BMS staff is dedicated to customer service with personal attention, excellent quality and courteous service.